Making an Impact: CAHEC at Work
July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

2015 Open Doors Homeownership Grant Recipients

2015 Open Doors Homeownership Grant Recipients

The Open Doors Homeownership Grant is an annual competition offered to nonprofit entities engaging in the development of affordable housing for sale to low-income households living in areas that CAHEC serves. In 2015, CAHEC awarded three grants totaling $50,000 to the following organizations:

Better Housing Coalition

Richmond, Virginia – $25,000

The Better Housing Coalition (BHC) began its affordable, single family home program over 25 years ago. In 2016, they plan to provide at least 8 new construction homes for first-time homebuyers in the Church Hill neighborhood in Richmond, VA. Since today’s homebuyers are technologically savvy, BHC plans to use CAHEC’s Open Doors Homeownership Grant funds to install practical smart home products during construction, which will enhance energy efficiency and help reduce monthly utility bills. The new homes will include items such as thermostats, security system features, smart lighting technology, and remote entry access, all accessible via the internet and/or the homeowner’s smartphone device.

Mountain Housing Opportunities, Inc.

Asheville, North Carolina  – $15,000

Mountain Housing Opportunities, Inc. (MHO) has been a leader in affordable housing in Asheville and Buncombe County for the past 27 years. In 2016, they plan to build 12 cottage-style homes that front a common green and are accessed by an outer loop drive. Each home will have a covered front porch and will be built to ENERGY STAR® standards. With a new development tool – the City of Asheville Cottage Ordinance – MHO will be able to increase the stock of affordable housing in high-desirable, high-cost neighborhoods. The funding from CAHEC’s Open Doors Homeownership Grant will be used to pay for the additional site design costs incurred to meet the city’s requirements for the Cottage Ordinance.

Athens Land Trust

Athens, Georgia – $10,000

Founded in 1994, Athens Land Trust (ALT) is one of the only organizations in the country that is a both a community and conservation land trust, providing affordable housing solutions while protecting natural resources. Since Athens, GA, is steadily morphing into a college town, student housing has taken over the market, thus, a need for affordable housing has greatly increased. In 2016, ALT plans to build nine new construction, EarthCraft™ certified, single-family homes in The Cottages at Cannontown, to be sold to low- to moderate-income individuals. ALT will use CAHEC’s Open Doors Homeownership Grant funds towards EarthCraft™ certification fees for each home. Since ALT is a community land trust, the homes will remain permanently affordable, further stabilizing the neighborhoods through increased homeownership.